Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ta-Da!! And the winner is . . .

. . . Bohemian Chicken!! Congratuations!!! Let me tell you . . . we went through a rigorous process to choose this name. First of all there ended up being 27 altogether, but we did them all and not just the first 25 (hey, it's Christmas . . . ). We wrote them down on identical slips of paper, folded once, and put them in a basket. And then Rachel (she was really into this, by the way) jumped up and down, mixed them up, twirled them with her hands, in general made chaos out of them. Then I held the basket over her head and she reached in a pulled out the name.

So our first contest is over and we had so much fun doing it that I'm trying to think up another one. (I mean besides the Bunny Naming Contest.) When that one is over I'll see what I can dream up.

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