Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let it Snow!!

Most of the animals on the farm are babies, lambs, bunnies, and spring chicks. Tonight we had our first snow...TOO FUNNY. Everyone was looking around like, "Whoa, what's this??" The chickens were all our foraging and stepping very carefully in the snow, trying to peck the falling flakes. The sheep were on high alert; notice the alert ears and "What's going on?" looks on their faces.

This morning, Apollo, the rooster, was standing on one leg like he was afraid to touch the stuff and was getting as far above it as he could, and would rather he could stand there without any feet at all.

Rachel picked up Pluckyfluff (aka The Bearded Lady, aka Black Beard) and you could see her little brain going, trying to figure out what was happening. When she put her down she walked very carefully through the show like she was afraid it was going to grab her or something. She headed straight for the underside of the boat where there was still grass and no snow.

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