Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry, Merry; Hoppy, Hoppy

Fergal is the love-i-est bunny I ever saw. He licks my hand, he snuggles my face. I bring him upstairs quite often to cuddle him and let him hop around. He likes to hide under the Christmas tree when predators (Max and Angus) are around and he likes to look out the French doors at the birds. Of course his favorite thing is to play with Phoenix, Rachel's bunny. Because of the boy/girl thing, we mostly just let them sniff noses, but they really seem to like each other. It's a shame they can't play together. When Rachel took Phoenix away Fergan hopped after her as if to say, "Hey, give her back!" It was hysterical.

Today I cleaned the barn. It sounds like a lot of work, but really it's not bad. I only have to clean it once a month. It's great having a nice clean barn with fresh straw and a swept aisleway. The bunnies have fresh shavings under their cages and everything looks neat and tidy. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I clean the coop the same day I clean the barn so the chickens have fresh hay too and their piles of poop (from the spot where they roost) has been taken away and dumped on the manure pile. Everybody's got a clean place to sleep and eat.

Now time to grab some lunch and then I have some cages to clean and Fergal to comb. Then maybe some felting . . .


  1. He's absolutely a-dow-able! Makes me happy just to look at all that fuzziness...We added two bales of shavings to the coop yesterday, and it's nice to have it smelling fresh again! I'm sure all your furry folk appreciate the hard work... -fmd

  2. I agree, seeing them munching happily on fresh yummies with fresh, clean bedding is the best part of my day! Your heart can't help but feel accomplished and content! I love my animals...and your too!