Monday, December 7, 2009

On the Bobbin

My spinning wheel is a hard working machine. Especially lately. I've been prepping fiber and spinning up a storm. You can see some of the most recent stuff in our Etsy shop. (Link at top right.) But this lovely sensation just barely came off the bobbin and is currently having it's twist set. I've already sold a couple yards to a woman in Germany (thanks Petra!). It's finger teased mohair locks in pink and white with pink sparkle. It's sooooo lovely. I don't know why, but with other art forms I end up creating something I don't want to let go, but with fiber art the satisfaction seems to come from the creation itself. (Either that or I'm able to part with it because of the certain knowledge that there's more fiber where that came from and if I doubt it all I have to do is look out the window!!)

As I think I mentioned, probably in numerous places so bear with me, I visited one of my very favorite fiber stores on Friday (The Fiber Studio, Henniker, NH) and I finally, FINALLY, after nearly a year of trying to manage it, had enough time to bring my wheel up to the fiber loft and spin with all that fiber at my fingertips. I thumbed through Lexi Boeger's book Intertwined (one of my absolute faves on art yarn) and decided to make the Knotty Little Slub yarn. Very few people (at least around here) make art yarn so I caused a bit of a sensation and people would come up to see what I was doing and how. It was So Much Fun. A bit of a busman's holiday, but having all those fibers to choose from was too much fun to seem much like work. Needless to say I came home with a bag full of goodies and have some plans for it already.

On the way home I came up with an idea to make and donate art yarn chemo caps. I'm looking into the particulars and hope to have some news on that to share soon. I was very excited about the whole idea.

Right now I have to go finish up some more Wild Grey Tailspun because some of that is going to Germany too. And then, and then . . . some jingle bell yarn if I can round up the elves because it takes eight arms and a team of elves to spin that stuff.

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