Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cardinal Richelieu and the Snowy Day

With all the other mouths to feed around here I'd kinda forgotten about my wild birds until the other day when I saw a chickadee pecking hopefully around the feeders. So I broke open the big bag of sunflower seeds and filled the feeders. I used to get a special blend with safflower seeds because that's what the cardinals seem to prefer and we have at least one cardinal family around here because we watched them raise babies one year, which was totally awesome. I realized I hadn't seen a cardinal in awhile so when I caught sight of Richelieu (we call all the male cardinals Richelieu because it's a pun on Cardinal Richelieu...get it? Get it?? Hahaha!!) Okay, so when I saw Richelieu in the garden I thought I'd try to get a picture for the blog and of course the instant I pushed the button on the camera he flew off, but lucky me. He came to the feeder instead which is closer and there happened to be a mourning dove perched on top of the feeder so I got lots of cool shots like this one.

Today is a snow day because we're having a severe storm. It looks like a snow globe out there right now. So I put the girls out for some fresh air figuring I'll bring them in later when it starts to sleet. They. Were. Not. Best. Pleased. Instead of tucking in to their hay they stood and bleated pitifully by the gate looking at me with those big, sad, sheepish eyes. I said, "What are you? Hothouse flowers? You're sheep! Suck it up and eat your hay." They were not amused, but I mean, really . . . they have like six inch coats on. Snow is an afterthought. I did move the hay over by the barn so they can be a little more protected while they eat.

Let me tell you, the worst part of winter is dealing with water buckets. And I'm sure I'll say that until I have to clean the barn and push the wheelbarrow through snowdrifts and then that will be the worst part of winter. But for now, it's the water. Hands down.

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