Sunday, December 20, 2009

And His Name is . . .

Okay, before I tell you what I decided to name my new bunny I would like to say thank you to everyone who played my little game with me and submitted names. I had a lot of fun reading them and it was tough to finally choose a name. (And I mean really, really tough.)

Some of the names that almost got picked: the Gaelic ones, because I love Gaelic and sing in Gaelic sometimes, Fiddlesticks, Merry and Pippin (great choices...but they are the names of my other two bunnies), Frodo, Elrond (very tempting, but I really wanted to stick with a Hobbitish name), Shadowfax, and Gandalf the Gray (which would have been TOO funny!) but we had a rooster by that name. But all of the names were so cute!!

So . . . it happened that I was watching Monarch of the Glen this week and there was a character named Fergal (I didn't happen to like the character, but the name was cool) and I thought it sounded almost like Deagol (Smeagol's cousin). So that is his first name. And then I also chose a last name from the list of ones suggested. Annika on Maryjane's Farm suggested Fuzzytoes as a last name. The new bunny's full name is: Fergal Fuzzytoes!! (And if you could see his feet you'd totally see why . . . he looks for all the world like he's wearing really fluffy bunny slippers!!)

Thank you all again!!

(p.s. to Annika, I need your full name and address to send your prize to! Can you email it to me at Thanks!)

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