Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Eggs

Way back in the spring, months ago, when today was just a promise on the calendar, I brought home 6 fuzzy, chirping chicks. It seemed like they would NEVER grow up. Despite the fact that they got amazingly bigger every week. We had two older hens who were laying, but then they stopped in the fall and NO ONE was laying. For the first time in a long time I had to *gulp* buy eggs. Which is particularly unfun when you're also shelling out for chicken feed.

And then . . . last week we started to get one LARGE brown egg every day and caught General Sunshine in a nesting box so we figured we knew who our benefactor was. The funny thing was we ordered 5 chicks, but they came in two batches, 3 Wyandotts first and the next week the two Aracaunas. I was worried about there being 3 big chicks, and 2 little chicks so I went back and bought one of the leftover Golden Comets. She's the sunshine yellow one so we called her Sunshine (how original) but later she was so bossy we were afraid she was a rooster and Rachel started calling her General Sunshine. Now she's red, but I think it's funny that the extra chick started laying first. Then we started to get two eggs. One huge brown one and one tiny brown one. One of the Wyandotts. Then yesterday three little ones. So only the Aracaunas aren't laying yet. It's beyond exciting (eggciting??? Ow!) to go to the coop and find all those little eggs in the nesting boxes. I'm so proud of my girls!!

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