Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Work in Progress

I've been working so hard lately [at my real job, the one that pays the bills] it feels like my brain has gone through a shredder. Tomorrow I'm going to take the day off to play with fiber. There's some spinning I'm anxious to do and I've been working on these too . . . felted pendants/pouches. These are two I started with. The left one is finished (and now has a chain). It's a simple pendant with a piece of sea glass in the middle held in by a beaded cage. The one on the right is a pouch and you can see the thread where I stuck the needle in as I'm in the process of edge beading it. I made one last night though, using 3D techniques that I like even better. I haven't started beading it yet and think I'll even felt the "necklace" part, maybe adding some beads.

It started with a bag of scraps I bought from someone on a fiber list. [I also bought a bag of silk scraps leftover from making a crazy quilt, but that's another story.] This bag had lots of goodies in it. I'm sure the woman who sold it was getting sick of them, but to me they're fresh and new and full of possiblities. I'm going to suggest a round-robin scrap swap on MaryJane's Farm. If you're interested watch the Stitching & Crafting Room forum because that's where I'll post it.

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy my day "off" playing with fiber and trying, trying to ignore that I just ordered a bunch of fantastic fiber at International Fleeces from a woman who has promised to adopt me. I check the FedEx tracking page a couple hundred times an hour to see when it's going to GET HERE. Patience is not only not one of my virtues, it's not really even in my vocabulary. When the box comes I promise I'll let you take a peek at my treasures. But no touchy . . .

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  1. They're excellent! I love them!! Have fun tomorrow...I'll be working and grocery shopping! :{