Friday, January 1, 2010

Finding Fergal

We've been playing a new game lately. It's called "Where's Fergal?" Waldo has nothing on Fergal, but then, Waldo doesn't have fluffy bunnyfeet which make it very easy to sneak past so that one minute you think he's in the kitchen and then you hear a "Oh, hello, whatcha doin' Fergal?" from the living room (or the hallway, or the one of the bedrooms) or Max will go scuttling off like he's been bitten because he "sees no bunny, hears no bunny, eats no bunny" and the easiest way to do that it to make sure you are nowhere near the bunny.

I thought we'd have trouble with "accidents" when I started bringing him upstairs for extended periods, but so far the only time he's had an accident was when Rachel brought him up one morning and thought she'd cuddle him for a bit and he settled down with a disgruntled look on his face and promptly peed. Otherwise there aren't even any bunny berries to pick up. He's practically better housebroken than the cat and definitely better than Angus.

He hops all over the place, but we've been trying to keep him away from the tree (he seems to understand that he was a Christmas present - from Lucas, as he informed me when he dropped him off - and likes to hang out under the tree.) Trouble is the tree is shedding. Badly. And there's nothing like angora fur for picking up tree needles. It takes FOREVER to get them out of him.

I caught a picture of him (above) playing with a toy that came out of one of the Christmas crackers and eating some banana on his rug. I tried to get a really cute picture of him sprawled out on it moments before, but there was some angora fluff in front of the camera lens and the picture was blurred and then Max barked and Fergal took off. He has a cubby space that he likes to chill out in when he's not on his rug.

I was thinking last night about it being New Year's and how it was almost a year ago that I had a dream of having a farm and animals and now, here we are a year later and I do. Is that not the greatest??? I am very blessed!

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