Monday, January 11, 2010

Portrait of Another Kind

This is Isobel. She's my studio assistant. She has aspirations of being a model in NYC someday. I keep telling her she's better off here on the farm and not stuck in some shop window. Here she's modeling my newest fiber creation. I think I posted a month or so ago about the day I took a busman's holiday (go on, ask . . . you want to know what that is, don't you? It's like a bus driver going on a bus ride on his day off. That's where the word came from. It's taking a holiday doing for fun what you do for a living.) and went to the Fiber Studio in New Hampshire. This is the yarn I spun and this is what became of it.

Let me tell you, it's the height of squishy softness and I was sooooo tempted to keep it for myself, but the girls will need grain soon so onto Etsy it went.

I named it after a flamboyant 18th century slack rope walker (you know you want to know . . . check out She was great fun and knew how to laugh. That's important, I think. Knowing how to laugh. It gets us over a lot of bumps in the road. I'm taking a few of them hard lately. In fact I gave some thought to starting a Green Smoothie blog a la Julie and Julia because due to health problems/allergies I've had to radically alter my diet. So now every morning I drink (read: gag down) a green smoothie. Trust me, this you DON'T want to know. I mean, I know it's healthy and all, but must we ruin perfectly good fruit by blending it with greens???? Anyway, I decided against it because so far all of my entries would read like this: "Gag. Gross. Disgusting." And who wants to read that day after day? Still, I try to laugh about it. Yeah. I do. Ha. Ha.

Did have an amazing raw supper last night of "not" meatballs (aka walnut pate) and yummy raw marinara sauce over zucchini noodles. I had a revelation . . . it wasn't supposed to be COOKED, but it could be WARM. So I popped it into the warm oven and in about five minutes, roughly when it started to smell like food, I ate it and was (finally) pleasantly surprised. It was really YUM. I think I now have the ultimate ingredient - raw marinara sauce - to round off my killer gluten free vegan pizza. Can't wait to try that.

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