Monday, November 29, 2010

We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Farming

The girls wanted to show off their new coats. I think Lili's is the prettiest. Blue is her color. I was sincerely hoping not to have to change their coats again after I bought them new ones in the spring, but they were already looking like chubby matrons determined to fit into their skinny jeans so I broke down and called Jim Shaw who is my go-to guy for fiber covers. It's nice when you need to order something but you're not quite sure what you need and there's a real live person who answers the phone and doesn't mind running through your options for you. Plus, the first time I ever talked to Jim he was on his way out the door to take his wife out to eat. He automatically got an A+ for that.

The older I get the more I appreciate the personal approach . . . from who grew my food to who made the hat I'm wearing (not always me) and where it came from. There's only so much "mega," "super," and "one-stop" I can stand. Just going into a warehouse-type store like Costco or Home Depot gives me hives. Not that I don't appreciate them for what they're worth. If I need Christmas lights, fine. But they're like sugar. A little bit goes a long way. I called about a credit card offer not long ago and one of the perks was - get this - that when you called a REAL PERSON ANSWERS THE PHONE. Hello?! THAT'S WHAT OUGHT TO HAPPEN!

That's why I like what I do. I am hands-on from the mucking of the barn (that was yesterday's chore) to shirting the fleece (that's when you take the poo out of it) to the carding and spinning and knitting, and now weaving. And I like it that way. After all, what fun is something that's exactly like 1,000 other somethings? It's not hard to be unique. God made us all that way. So celebrate it!

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