Thursday, November 11, 2010

My New Best Friend

See that shop vac? It's my new best friend. I met a bunny lady at Rhinebeck (The Duchess County New York Sheep and Wool Festival - honestly it's like THE place to go if you 're a fiber person. It would take weeks to see it all properly. But I digress.) Anyway, she told me about rabbit blowing. I kid you not. You blow rabbit coats to get rid of dust and untangle the fibers, like they do with show dogs. I was warned not to do it inside and am I glad I took that advice. See exhibit A above . . . where I wrote "bunny dust" in the bunny dust. But remember, I was outside so most of it blew away. I seriously thought I'd done something wrong at first and that the shop vac was blowing dust from inside itself onto the rabbits. But, no. It was rabbit dust coming out from the air of the shop vac. I was amazed. So now all my rabbits are dust-free except for Mama Poppet and the babies.

I'm not done blabbing about my babies yet, but since they are all growing up and will be leaving - WAH! - in about four weeks I can promise that soon I will not have such a one-track mind. It's been all about rabbits here lately though. Over the course of a couple weeks I moved all 12 rabbits into the basement. I'm still waiting on one last 3-hole cage that Lucas is making for me and then I will have a total of 9 holes (cages) in 3 stacks. And that will be all I can handle. So right now that leaves me with 2 empty holes. Oh deary me - shall I have to find two more rabbits to fill them? What a shame! LOL!!

Anyway, now that they're all inside I am so relieved. I can do rabbit chores (which are by nature a bit fiddly) in the relative warmth of the basement. And I can do whatever I need to grooming-wise without having to worry that someone is going to die of exposure because of the fickle weather. I've got a couple coats right now that are holding on by a thread and within a weeks will be completely off. Which is good because I am at this very moment spinning up all my angora. I'm spinning it thread weight and will ply to lace weight. IT IS GORGEOUS! Even I'm impressed with it, if I can say that without coming off like I'm bragging. It's beautiful.

AND I started weaving this week so I now know enough to start weaving up some angora scarves. I'm getting the first one, but if there's any interest and the customers at Six Loose Ladies don't keep my stock depleted a few will probably find their way onto Etsy, which I have been sadly neglecting lately as real life has caught up with me.

And now I'm going to go warp my own loom. Why? Because I finally know how!!

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