Friday, October 28, 2011

Early Snow

A few pictures of our October 27 (!!!) snow. Love the shot of the farm in the early morning light. Enjoy! Below, farm news, music, and a new yarn idea.

In other farm news, the bunnies have moved down to the barn. (Except for Fergal and Twisk - aka His Snow White Loveliness) We're tentatively looking for a new home for Cyrus and Petunia. (Hopefully one in which they won't be eaten.) Rob is sick of Cyrus attacking him. He doesn't attack me ever since I nursed him back from when he was attacked by (we think) a turkey vulture or hawk. One of the baby hens (this year's chick) has started laying the tiniest little blue eggs. So cute. Petunia lays an egg every other day or so. And I've been commissioned to write a book so for the next eight months or so there won't be a whole lotta fiber art action going on. Which is sad. But after the summer I put in making inventory maybe it's time for a creative break anyway. I can't stop altogether because I keep getting I want to make a yarn inspired by the dried out milkweed pods, all silvery gray, tawny gold, and white fluff here and there. Doesn't that sound fantastic? I can't wait to make it. I even have the materials...I'm going to use Icelandic, tussah silk, and Twisk's wool. Pictures will be posted when I get around to making it.

Before I go I'd like to put in a plug for my former fiddle teacher's new album, Here Below, which you can check out here. It's a collection of original shape note songs and I loved the two I listened to. I'm off to pre-order the album myself. I am looking forward to some new music to usher in the new season. I wasn't quite done with fall, but it's Vermont so what are you going to do? I'll tell you what I did. I baked up some GF pumpkin cranberry chocolate chip walnut muffins and took pictures of all the lovely snow. Now I'm going to do a little ironing, work on the book, and when the sun melts the snows off the road Max and I are going to take a walk. Enjoy your day - however you spend it.