Thursday, September 8, 2011

Millicent and the Bunny Stuffies

This is Millicent. She's one of the bunny stuffies I've been working on. She's made from old clothes: corduroy trousers, wool trousers, a silk tie, vintage buttons. The stuffies are funny because I never know what they will be until I turn them inside out. In Millicent's case I thought she was going to be a boy, but lo, obviously a girl. And shy. And girly. She wanted bows in her ears so I gave her yarn hair ties.

Millicent made her debut in the shop this week and she's very nervous about it. Stop by and say hi if you want. You'll find her here. Her brothers, Newton (who is a bit of a geek) and Wilson (a dreadful sad-sack) will be at various fairs where my creations are debuting this fall. Howard is staying home to keep me company. In fact, he may never leave. But I have my eye on this stripey cashmere sweater that may become a stuffie to replace him . . . we'll see. Oh, the drama.