Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Introducing Teasel

So I know everyone has been waiting with bated breath in excruciating agony of suspense over the empty cage in the stacks downstairs ever since Fergal moved back upstairs. It seemed so sad. So lonely. So EMPTY. Well, I have been thinking about it too. I really wanted a chocolate and thought I'd located one but alas, the color changed as the baby grew and in the end it wasn't chocolate. So I reluctantly passed on her. Then this little guy became available from Apple View Angoras. He's actually St. John and Posey's nephew (they are half siblings.) The color isn't as striking in this photo because I took it indoors, but he's got the coolest color. He's a blue pearl so he's blue underneath and on his face and ears, but his coat is whitish with blue tips. Very pretty. Can't wait to spin his wool and see what it looks like. The nice thing is that his wool will blend well with the rabbits I already have. Chocolate not so much. One of my babies who left was renamed by its new owner "Teasel" and when I heard the name I liked it so much I decided to name a bunny that at some point so this new little guy is Teasel.

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