Monday, June 13, 2011

The Goosesitter

It's amazing how fast Cyrus and Petunia are growing. They are a hoot. They don't follow us around so much any more unless they're interested in where we're going. They spend most of their time eating and pooping and taking baths. That is, Cy takes baths; Petunia watches. She's still not real sure about all that water stuff. It's wild when they decide to take off after you because suddenly you'll hear a lot of slapping. When they run they wave their wings around wildly and their feet make slapping sounds. They would have trouble sneaking up on anything.

Max isn't sure what to make of them. When they do get in the water and start splashing around he gets too excited and I'm afraid he might eat one by accident so we put him in the house. But when they are quite, like in the picture, he'll stand guard over them.

The chickens are learning to give them a wide berth. Yesterday one arrogant chicken got too close and a gosling (can't remember which one) grabbed her by her tail feathers. The poor startled chicken started flapping and for one comical moment she was suspended midair but couldn't make any headway because she had a gosling hanging off her butt.

Even if geese turn out to be a huge mistake we're having a lot of fun with them!

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