Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Conversations With Animals

Okay, I talk to animals. I admit it. Do they talk back? Yeah, sometimes they do. Not, however, in these cases, recorded yesterday:

Walking Max (my German Shepherd who HATES all other dogs) upon spotting two labs walking down the road ahead of us (in a Scottish accent): "Max! Look! It's Breakfast! And Second Breakfast!"

To Jazz (my horse) coming out of the arena after dark when he spooked at a hay bale on the tailgate of a truck: "That's hay. You love hay. That's like me spooking at chocolate."

To Fergal (my bunny) most of the day: "Where is my little grey wisp 'o smoke? Come and have a cuddle wuddle. Oos a fwuffy bunny? Oos a sweetie weetie? Want a Weetabix biscuit?"

What do you say to your animals???


  1. Usually it's, "Man, is that Celeste one CRAZY lady"! ;)

  2. I say lots of things to many different animals! Often, if it is turnout time on a warm spring day, I can't repeat our conversations. But, sometimes, in the quiet of the barn at closing time, I have very long whispers with my favorite guy and YES I believe he understands every word I say!

  3. @ F: :^P
    @ Krissy: I know your favorite guy and I absolutely believe he understands every word you say! And probably a lot that you don't say!! He's that intuitive!!

  4. Excuse me Rocky, but could you stop standing on my foot ... does Max do this? Hi, Max!