Friday, March 26, 2010

Bunny About Town

I've been trying to socialize Fergal so he will be relaxed when I bring him to demonstrations, etc. So, he's been to pet therapy at the nursing home, knitting night at Six Loose Ladies, and this week he volunteered to be a display at Rachel's Science Fair (her project had to do with dyeing fiber.) Then last night I brought him to SLL and his Uncle Lucas sheared him.


It was cold last night so I loaned him my sweater hoodie until we got home and then I made him a little jacket from an old sock. This morning he seemed to be a bit chilly so I made him another jacket from an old felted sweater sleeve. After I bring the kids to school I'm going to knit him a little sweater. Am I turning into Beatrix Potter or what??? Here is a pictorial rendering of the event. (Note the "I'm hating this look" in Fergal's eyes.)

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