Monday, February 8, 2010

Unlikely Amour and Free Shipping on Red Items

People are always sending me pictures of unlikely animals snuggled up together . . . a squirrel raised by a dog, a hen sheltering a puppy under her wings, a cat whose whole head is crawling with mice. Now I present you with Fergal and Max. The Odd Couple.

Fergal has always been interested in Max, but Max was downright hostile at first. Which, I suppose, just proves that love can thaw the frostiest heart. Unfortunately Fergal is beginning to carry his amour a bit far, having developed a crush on Max's tail. (I really wish I was making this up.) Max doesn't seem to mind, though he does get a bit frustrated trying to move around because Fergal also likes to play "hop around the dog as fast as you can" and gets tangled up in Max's paws. Max thought he'd be safe on the couch, but as you can see, height is no obstacle when you can hop and wuv, troo wuv, cannot be denied. Considering Fergal is *supposed* to be our herd sire though it's a bit disconcerting that not only is he gender confused, he's also species confused. I hope this isn't a red flag I should be heeding. Ehm.

However, in honor of Fergal and Max and unlikely love everywhere I thought I'd have a sale. Free shipping on anything that has red in it or on it until Valentine's Day!! May your love be as unique as you are.

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  1. They are SO SWEET together; thanks for the smile!