Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wild America

I know I'm late posting this...more on that, and the reason for it, later. For now, check this out and Happy New Year!

These guys:

came to check out the hens:

A couple flocks of turkeys hung around near the house all summer. There was even one lone turkey I called Romeo. We're not sure why s/he was kicked out of the big flocks, but s/he seemed lonely. 

Turkeys are VERY aware of their surroundings. I had trouble getting pictures of them up close because even though they came close to the house (they even chased the chickens across the front yard at one point) they noticed the slightest movement and immediately headed for the woods. That's what the group in the first picture is doing. They got to the edge before I'd even focused the camera. The bottom picture was taken from inside the house. 

I have to say, I really enjoy having them around. And they are HUGE. Much bigger in person than I expected them to be. It's fun to watch them interact. By the end of the summer they had started to tolerate me and wouldn't immediately take off when they noticed me if I was far enough away. Haven't seen them since Thanksgiving. I hope that doesn't mean anything significant. Hopefully they're just wintering over somewhere in the woods and will be back in the spring with lots of little turkeys.