Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Long Time Gone

Smelling this . . .

Magnolia. There is a difference between how it smells as the morning sun hits it and the fragrance it gives off in the warm night air. The morning notes sneak up on you, like a quiet song. In the evening they surround you like a symphony, drawing you right up to the tree to glory in them.

Blooming right next to it is this . . .

Forsythia. Together they are like the sun and the moon.

Welcome back, Spring. You've been a long time gone. 


  1. Well, that last post had me all pensive about the plight of the artist, but this one makes it alright again! Thanks for this reminder of why the world needs us folks who see beauty, feel it deeply, and want to share it, whether we made it or not.

  2. ROFL!! Your pensiveness is not misplaced, however, the beauty...well, this time of year it's everywhere isn't it? Wow. The lilacs and apple blossoms are trying to outdo each other.