Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Think I Can I Think I Can I Think I Can

Here's a sampling of the vintage finds I've been posting this week. My goal is to post new items during the week and then have a one-day-only sale for Facebook fans of the shop every Friday. What?! You're not a Facebook fan of the shop? Quel dommage! But have no fear! It is not too late! Head right on over to Facebook and fan us quickly! There you are; safe!

And I promise, fiber art will be making more than a token appearance in the shop soon. I've been creating lots of inventory for upcoming shows this fall and when they are over whatever comes home again will head straight for the shop. I've been working on some really fun stuff. In addition to the mobiles (which include seagulls, dragonflies, jellyfish, flowerhat jellyfish, and butterflies) I've been making primitive bunnies from upscaled fabric and knits. They are adorable and will be trickling in to the shop as soon as I have enough to list. For now don't forget that Christmas is coming. Just saying . . .