Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting Loomy

So I saw an ad for a 4 harness Dorset loom (like this one) at Six Loose Ladies on Thursday and I've had looms on the brain since I took it in my head to learn how to weave so I could make woven angora scarves. They have the most amazing feel and drape. I saw one at the MA Sheep and Wool and have been obsessed with making one ever since. (They were selling for $120!!). And as we all know I have plenty of Angora rabbits to make them from. Speaking of which, I put Poppet's nesting box in her cage tonight. Fingers crossed we should have some babies in a couple days. I'm pacing nervously. Sheesh, you'd think I was the father.

So, anyway, long story short my friend Suzanne and I are going to take a little field trip. I'm going to help her evaluate fiddles at a violin shop and she's going to check out this loom for me. Maybe we'll both get lucky and come home with a new fiddle and loom respectively. Oh, and we're also going to take a short side trip to Delectable Mountain Cloth. Fiddles, fiber, and cloth. Field trips don't get much better than that!!


  1. Nice loom! Looks a lot like my Harrisville loom. Mine was given to me by a dear aunt and is just awaiting the updated cables. Maybe when our daughter visits we will make it a project....Best wishes with it, if it, or one like it, becomes yours.

  2. Thanks! I sure hope so...I can't WAIT to start weaving!! I was hoping to take lessons this summer, but the teacher took the summer off. So she should be starting back up again pretty soon.

  3. Oh my, weaving yes please. I have been wanting to learn for so long...maybe when we get settled a loom will find it's way into my life!

    I love love love Delectable Mountain Cloth. All the chiffon silk for my nuno work comes from there. I will back just in time to replenish the stash...

    If all goes well, we may already know where we will be renting, and if it all does go well, I will be wanting bunnies. Just saying. :)

  4. Oh, you must, you really must. I haven't even had lessons yet, but I'm having a blast! In this case lack of knowledge may be dangerous. LOL!!

    I got THE most GORGEOUS watery green French velvet and some matching silk dupioni to make a scarf...stupid me, I didn't even THINK to look for chiffon for nuno!!!!! Duh!! Well, we're going back to the luthier's in a week or so...I will swing back. Suzanne says there is an awesome bead place just a couple stores up that we didn't have time to check out so that will probably be on the agenda too. Wish you could come!!

    So???? Don't keep me in suspense...where will you be? North? South? East? West? Somewhere in between??? I've got you on my waiting list and it may actually work out better for you that, sadly, there don't seem to be any buns in the oven this time. If there is still nothing by Sunday I will breed her again before I sent Lucky back to Lucas. Now that I know better what to look for I imagine I'll probably have better luck.