Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reports of my Death . . .

have been greatly exaggerated. The reports of Fergal's near death experience have not. I almost lost my little cutie to bunny colic (or GI stasis, or whatever clinical name you want to give it.) But Dr. Bruce pulled him through and I'm relieved, thankful, and grateful that he made it because I just wuv that rabbit!!!

My camera has been overexposing everything (ie, pic left) and I had to bring it to the shop. Turns out it was operator problems. Somehow a setting had been changed so no actual repair was needed, but it did curtail any photo documentary I was contemplating for quite awhile, hence my photographic silence. As well I've had computer problems.

It's been a rough summer. My husband had a couple major work related accidents and my computer finally died. (I'm getting a new cherry red laptop as a result so I'm not complaining too loudly.) But I did get to see the ocean one day and that's always amazing. I've been feverishly making yarns, batts, and stitch markers for the shops and the farmer's market which I've been attending on Tuesdays. I've about stretched my "vacation" days as far as they'll go and so far I've actually had two days all summer to call my own, but that's life.

Next time I'll try to explain my newest fiber adventure, dubbed by my chemo-undergoing friend Janice as "Pretty Titty Knitting." So, stay tuned. You're not going to want to miss this. And since the camera is working there may even be pictures.


  1. Well, hello there! Nice to see you back! Seems this Summer is throwing many of us come curve balls, but I seem to be finding ways to enjoy the good parts. :)
    And, oh my, it sounds as if this blog may require an NC-17 rating in the next installment. Hee hee. ;)

  2. I know, right??! I've been following your curve balls too . . . too bad we couldn't cooperative farm together. I refuse to even complain about this summer, even though it was supposed to be one of those slow lazy ones and isn't, simply because the weather has been BEAUTIFUL. It's been two YEARS since we had a nice summer...with sun. I could be working in a rock pit and I still think I couldn't find too much to complain about. And I'm solar dyeing!! Yay!! With Wilton icing colors. Too fun!! Just the fact that we have enough solar to dye with is awesome. Looking forward to hearing what you do next!! And yes, two rated posts...I'm going to get a reputation. LOL!!