Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Continuing Saga

Since you will all probably get a hearty laugh out of this pull up a chair and I'll tell you a short story . . . a couple days ago Beatrix missed the gate and ended up outside the fence instead of inside. We had a devil of a time getting her back in and Max helped by chasing her around so we could get her near the gate. My husband finally lassoed her with a fish net. (I told you you'd laugh.) But the funniest part is that today, when I put them in the fence (after all the chasing last night with the camelids I was anxious that they all make it inside without incident, which they did) Beatrix went back outside the fence before I could get the gate shut, trotted up to Max and gave him a playful push as if to say, "Hey, you wanna play that game again? The one where I run and you chase me?"


If looks could kill we'd be having mutton for dinner. I still can't believe she did that. So this morning we had another lively game of chase the runaway animal. Last night one of the chickens flew the coop. Now if only a bunny would run away all our bases would be covered and I could stop waiting for the other shoe to drop.


  1. Oh, man! This kind of thing would always happen when C went off to work or away for a couple of days...the goats would get out, or the roosters would run amok into the veggie garden. I would have my toddler on my hip trying to coax the goat off Route 30. I had no idea I was strong enough to toss a goat over a fence until suddenly I had no other option!

  2. ROFL!!! I know, right?! It's so frustrating and you look at them hightailing it into the great beyond and think how on EARTH am I ever going to catch them????? I'm thinking I need a real, honest-to-goodness sheep dog.