Monday, February 9, 2009

The Chickens Have Landed, The Chickens Have Landed!

So today I drove up to Burlington to meet my sisters for a sisters day out and pick up one rooster and two hens. The rooster belonged to my sister Joy. His name is Gandalf the Grey (courtesy of my 12-year-old daughter, Rachel.) She also claimed one of the hens and named her Sephera. The other one I call Precious. They started earning their room and board on the way home by laying an egg. The hens belonged to my mom.

They have been installed in a chicken coop that is almost built (except for the fence because it's the middle of winter here and the ground is frozen. They're making do with a dog crate to come out and soak up the sun . . . should we ever see it again.) So far, they seem to be liking the new digs.

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